Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dereliction of Duty - NOT

To agree with John Kerry’s accusations regarding Al Qaqaa we must believe every present commander of troops on the field in and around were derelict in their duties of securing the area for the safe assembly of their units in a hostile zone.

No field commander worth 10 cents would assemble his/her troops in a compound without completely routing the enemy from the compound. This can’t be accomplished without searching the area and all bunkers, buildings, tunnels etc. For their own safety those troops would ensure all hostile threats were accounted for. To fail in this task would be to allow the enemy to operate in their rear or within their midst. They would never knowingly let that possibility to develop.

While Kerry’s intended target appears to be Bush, these charges actually serve to kill unit moral, and allow troops to question their leadership. It also sets the stage for our enemies to exploit these accusations to their advantage. Just whose side is Kerry on? Is he honestly hoping for a significant military setback just to win his election? God help us.

This NYT bogus story and Kerry’s subsequent attacks don’t pass the smell test by a long shot. We must continue to expose this wild man for the shallow opportunist he is, or I fear our current losses of committed troops will soon seem mild in contrast with what they will face under Kerry.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Why Bush

Could the choice be clearer?

1. George W. Bush is the same Presidential leader eminating the same qualities and character we whitnessed following 9/11.

2. John F. Kerry is the same opportunist we saw in front of the Fulbright Commitee in 1971, His character is unchanged. (About the only thing consistant with him.)

Nuf said, lets Get Out The Vote for George W. Bush.


Kerry/Edwards Social Security ERROR

The Kedwards’ representation of Bush’s position on Social Security sure gets me riled. They tout it will cost trillions, rob the seniors of their benefits, and require a huge increase in payroll taxes etc. This is blatantly false.

I quote the President from the third debate I believe that younger workers ought to be allowed to take some of their own money and put it in a personal savings account, because I understand that they need to get better rates of return than the rates of return being given in the current Social Security trust.”

Yes this will require an increased commitment on my part to contribute to my own future. This gives me a stake in my own future. This is the whole point of Bush’s Ownership of America policy. The days are getting short let’s get out there and bring in the vote for George W. Bush


Sunday, October 17, 2004

God & Politics

When George Bush talked of his faith last Wednesday my heart was warmed and spirit lifted. When John Kerry discussed his Catholicism I wanted a lawyer. His secular, nuanced dissection of his position (Notice Position vs. Faith) left me cold.

Faith is a blind trust with me. I need not dissect it. I do contemplate it regularly, which is quite different. I view GOD as over all, not just for good. I find I need HIM most when life is not going well and often see HIS hand in the entire process once I grant the space needed to reflect upon it. When a choice is made that leads into difficulty I could blame the Almighty and wish to abandon the cause, but find this generally leads to successive failure, because nothing is seen through to completion.

Our trials are the source of our character. When Bush reflected he prayed a lot and sought succor in times of trial I knew he spoke the truth of life. His detractors strike back with, why would GOD let the President commit troops to Iraq in the absence of WMD, no 9-11 connection etc. A just GOD surely would have prevented such a horrendous mistake, right? I disagree, consultation with the Almighty is to request the correct path in terms of the universe. Interim difficulties are obstacles along the road of the faithful, meant to be overcome through faith and trust in the Lord.

While I am comforted to know the President prays regularly about things, I am certain he also utilizes the brain trust around him to discern the logical course to accomplish the needs of our Country. Our opponents would have us believe GOD tells the President to do things. This could not be further from the truth. The logic is applied the plans tested, adjusted, more logic, more testing, with frequent prayers to receive His succor and resolve, etc. Then as a final gut check I believe our President seeks His guidance once more before committing our country on a course of action. I would have it no other way.

When contemplating a Kerry Presidency I find his plans would be more an application of poll data vs. logic. He stated he could not force his Articles of Faith upon us. Where is the vision and divine guidance in that? What would be his final gut check? A last minute poll, A communication from another world power? Once committed, what would our course be when things got difficult and favor shifted? Would we veer from our path, falter in the face of our enemy? GOD Help Us.

The choice is clear, the path not smooth, nor the outcome certain, but forward we must go. We must do all we can to elect George W. Bush November 2, 2004.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Mary Cheney Thing

Dick Cheney’s measured graciousness in his debate signaled to the Kerry team they could proceed with their plan. Kerry proceeded with out any tact or grace and stepped upon a "bouncing betty" landmine. (A regular landmine would have just killed one; the mine he exploded bounced up and took out the V.P.'s spouse, Cahill, and reached back and did in the V.P. as well)

The Bushies' will now lay back from this mine filled field and watch as the MSM and Kerry run in to save the wounded. I see more mines exploding with some attempt to lay blame on the Bushies (anti-tank mine here). Some portions of the media will keep this alive through the weekend which will be sufficient to kill these foul monsters.

The perceived meanness surrounding the Kerry team as a result of this tactic somewhat inoculates the Bush team from further personal attacks through Election Day. I believe the voters will see the forthcoming vitriol in this new light and chalk it up to more meanness thus blunting any potential damage. It should also curtail the Kerry team from their most vicious personal attacks, but I doubt it will, based on previous behavior.

When added to the character defects the swifties point to, the attack on the voter that questioned Kerry’s meetings with foreign leaders, the not so off mike comments “cheaters & crooks”, and his willingness to look into the camera and say to the all of America “I've never wilted in my life. And I've never wavered in my life.” , please.


First Post

Well here is my first post in the blogesphere. I expect to post on things political, clock repair, & other interests as they surface