Monday, November 01, 2004

Ohio Poll Watchers OK

Fox just broke the 6th Circuit reversed the lower courts. Now lets get the workers to the polls.

Update: FoxNewsChannel story here.

WASHINGTON — The Ohio Supreme Court issued a 4-3 ruling late Monday that gives a partial victory to Republican poll watchers who earlier had been denied by two federal judges.

The court ruled that state law allows one challenger per political party at each precinct. Republicans had registered its challengers at the polls by precinct, but Democrats had registered one challenger at each polling place. In Ohio's most crowded areas, like Cleveland, more than one precinct can be found in each polling place, meaning Republicans could have a numerical advantage in the number of challengers present.

Update: FoxNewsChannel has changed the above link contents. The above quoted material was accurate as of the first update. This story is changing quite fast and no-one is leaving many footprints to track. 00:49 AM Nov 02 2004