Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Mary Cheney Thing

Dick Cheney’s measured graciousness in his debate signaled to the Kerry team they could proceed with their plan. Kerry proceeded with out any tact or grace and stepped upon a "bouncing betty" landmine. (A regular landmine would have just killed one; the mine he exploded bounced up and took out the V.P.'s spouse, Cahill, and reached back and did in the V.P. as well)

The Bushies' will now lay back from this mine filled field and watch as the MSM and Kerry run in to save the wounded. I see more mines exploding with some attempt to lay blame on the Bushies (anti-tank mine here). Some portions of the media will keep this alive through the weekend which will be sufficient to kill these foul monsters.

The perceived meanness surrounding the Kerry team as a result of this tactic somewhat inoculates the Bush team from further personal attacks through Election Day. I believe the voters will see the forthcoming vitriol in this new light and chalk it up to more meanness thus blunting any potential damage. It should also curtail the Kerry team from their most vicious personal attacks, but I doubt it will, based on previous behavior.

When added to the character defects the swifties point to, the attack on the voter that questioned Kerry’s meetings with foreign leaders, the not so off mike comments “cheaters & crooks”, and his willingness to look into the camera and say to the all of America “I've never wilted in my life. And I've never wavered in my life.” , please.