Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dereliction of Duty - NOT

To agree with John Kerry’s accusations regarding Al Qaqaa we must believe every present commander of troops on the field in and around were derelict in their duties of securing the area for the safe assembly of their units in a hostile zone.

No field commander worth 10 cents would assemble his/her troops in a compound without completely routing the enemy from the compound. This can’t be accomplished without searching the area and all bunkers, buildings, tunnels etc. For their own safety those troops would ensure all hostile threats were accounted for. To fail in this task would be to allow the enemy to operate in their rear or within their midst. They would never knowingly let that possibility to develop.

While Kerry’s intended target appears to be Bush, these charges actually serve to kill unit moral, and allow troops to question their leadership. It also sets the stage for our enemies to exploit these accusations to their advantage. Just whose side is Kerry on? Is he honestly hoping for a significant military setback just to win his election? God help us.

This NYT bogus story and Kerry’s subsequent attacks don’t pass the smell test by a long shot. We must continue to expose this wild man for the shallow opportunist he is, or I fear our current losses of committed troops will soon seem mild in contrast with what they will face under Kerry.